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CUSTOM WEBSITE and eCommerce Solution

While every website can be personalized, a truly custom website is built from the ground up in mind of exactly the level of functionality you have in mind. A unique style and layout will help your business project a greater level of professionalism. In like regard, a custom website will in every case be designed around creating a superior user experience for your customers. The only question is, where do you get started creating a website which is as distinct as your business needs it to be?

Why should you be Interested?

Your website is no doubt one of the most important marketing assets of your online business. Without one, you will have a hard time attracting customers, making sales, and growing your business. In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s crucial for every business to have a website.

After all, we can’t deny the fact that having a site will make it easier for your target audience to locate your business. However, keep in mind that having a website alone is not enough. It should be attractive, mobile-friendly, and comes with the latest trends to convert your visitors into potential buyers. And that is where we can help you. 

Why E-Commerce is importantÉ

E-commerce itself refers to any online activity in which money and goods and/or services change hands. Of course, many Toronto businesses don’t immediately think that they need an e-commerce orientated website. If you are a local florist or electrician, for example, you might feel like your website should only serve as a static promotion of your services. However, e-commerce is becoming big business for even traditionally offline sellers of goods and services.

To demonstrate, while someone searching online in Toronto for an electrician might stumble upon your website, only about 30% of such visitors will actually proceed to contact you and become a potential new sales lead. What increasing amounts of traditionally offline business proprietors are therefore realizing, is that it makes much more sense to provide visitors to websites with the opportunity to make a direct purchase.



With a strong focus on ease of usability, we will move on after the discovery phase onto the actual planning and design of your website. From developing a completely custom layout to making sure that your website can be accessed from as broad a range of devices as possible, our designers will pay special attention to every detail. During the design stage, our developers will also finely tune the overall search engine optimization of your website. In like manner, we’ll make sure that your site is secure, benefits from rapid page load times and is designed to funnels traffic directly to your sales and contact pages.

If you do sell goods or services online, your main focus should always be on the security of your e-commerce website. With the rise of social media, your business simply can’t afford to suffer a single security lapse. After all, if it does, your online reputability could be ruined in as little as an hour.

However, any e-commerce website also needs to embody exceptional web design. Your products and services need to be easy to discover. If they are not, consumers will simply decide to shop elsewhere. Even more importantly, few people will ever trust a poorly designed website when it comes to processing any kind of online payment or personal information. Poor design equals poor security in many peoples minds and simply isn’t worth the risk.

CUSTOM WEBSITE and eCommerce Solution
Connect with your customers, directly from the comfort of their homes.

In a rapidly changing economy, e-commerce is a vital part of any business strategy. Connect directly with your customers online, giving them the freedom to purchase your products where ever they want, whenever they want.

The key to any e-commerce operation is to keep your consumers on your website for as long as possible. An attractive, well-ordered online store, after all, will inspire people not just make one purchase but to return to your website when they are next in need of a similar product or service. To help achieve as user-friendly an overall website design as possible, we, therefore, use everything from engaging video to exceptional graphic design to create visually appealing websites which provide people with the best possible online shopping experience.

some benefits that ecommenrce have
Lower Costs

An online store is less expensive to operate than your traditional brick and mortar store fronts.

Enable Deals, Coupons & more

Attract more customers with promotional codes and limited time offers.

Get New Customers with SEO

Our SEO experts will optimize your website, bringing in new customers to your online store.

Remain Open All the Time

Online shopping has no closing time. Your customers can visit your website at anytime and make a purchase.

No Geographical Limitations

Provide products or services to customers anywhere in the world. You choose where you operate!

Shop From Any Device

Customers on the go can still access your online store with our responsive design optimized for all devices.

Our Custom design webite Top Features

Many people entering the eCommerce world have no clue how online transactions take place. To them things are as simple as creating a website and having people buy their goods. Before starting the job it’s a good idea to specify things that the client will need to accomplish in order to “go live” otherwise you will hear a lot of, “oh, I didn’t realize” and “why didn’t you tell me I needed to do that?” If you’re going to have an eCommerce store then you will need to register a merchant account and payment gateway in order to process transactions. Having PayPal or Google Checkout is always a good option, but having your own secure payment processing such as adds credibility and trust to your site that shouldn’t be undervalued.

I haven’t really decided yet, but I have a while before I need to make a firm decision. Shipping plays an important role in successful online stores. For sellers shipping can really cut into the bottom line and shoppers are pretty savvy when it comes to knowing what are fair shipping rates. Sometimes, business owners want to create tiered shipping rules that can be pretty complex like; if you order “x” amount of products you get free shipping, or orders over “x” amount triggers a specific shipping rate. I’ve encountered several complex shipping requirements that are not supported by some eCommerce platforms and that’s exactly why it’s good to understand how the client intends on shipping.  It’s a total bummer to go through the entire development process only to be foiled by shipping rules.  By figuring out how to streamline your shipping methods you can save time and money for both you and your customers. Not only that, but offering things like discounted or free shipping improves your rate of conversion significantly.

Additional costs tend to upset clients – it’s weird, I don’t mind them. Here are some common additional costs that the client may not be aware of:

• an ssl certificate – if you have an eCommerce store you will need one – $79.95/year
• additional hosting – if you choose a hosted solution like BigCommerce your client may need additional hosting on top of the monthly hosting for the store for custom forms, a WordPress blog, or even email depending on their needs.
• 3rd Party integrations – Most eCommerce sites will require some type of 3rd party integration ranging from newsletter subscriptions and email marketing such as Constant Contact to custom shipping management tools.

Setting up tax rules and zones is no easy task. Ontario and Quebec have some pretty complex tax zones if you want to do it right. It can also get pretty complex if your client is shipping from multiple provinces or countries. It’s always good to have an idea of what needs to be done on the front side to handle tax.