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At AFSHAHIN, we’re more than familiar with how important it is for businesses to build and maintain unique brand identities. This being the case, our graphic design experts don’t just specialize in creating eye-catching logos for Toronto businesses. Rather, when we design logos and business branding concepts, we do so in such a way that any design will appear just as visually appealing in print as it will when used online.

What’s the Difference between Logo Design and Branding?

Everyone knows what a logo is. It’s that shape companies use to represent their company; like Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches (M) or Starbucks green mermaid. But what’s branding exactly? Branding is a more holistic perspective of how your customers experience your company. While a logo is only a small simple mark, a brand includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company.

Why is the logo so important for branding purposes?

Although a logo is only one of the elements of branding, it will most likely appear on the majority of touch points with customers and other stakeholders, such as: the website, brochures, stationery, product, packaging, ads, uniforms, stores, and so on.

A logo can therefore be considered as one of the main graphic elements that allow people to quickly identify an organization, its products and services. And quite often, it will be the first thing people will use to identify you.


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You’ve been working hard to build your business from ground up. But does your branding represent who you really are? Does your branding elements even correspond the modern trends? If you’re not sure about it, we’ll take care of it. Our creative team will be able execute a perfect logo design and identity packages for your business to give it an ultimate, bold look. Check out what we can do for you and feel free to call us if you have any questions or need a quote. We are a small and agile team of talented designers, deeply committed to developing unique creative solutions that help our clients break through.
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Long story short, nowadays it’s simply not enough to have a great product or service. Modern logo design as well as attractive branding together with a creative corporate identity is a must if you want to make a great first impression on potential consumers. We’re happy to design a complete brand identity for your business and even more. Arctic Designs is a great story telling agency, either it’s a videography or photography we’ll be able to create an awesome content which you can share with your audience. Printing materials design, promotional items, brochures, business cards, banded car wraps or any other graphic design, social media brand identity pack and overall digital representation of your brand, we can do it all.

What is Brand Identity?

When you begin the branding process, what you’re attempting to create is an identity. This is the way you want the world to see you, and includes all the concepts we’ve covered before, from logos to branding. A brand identity is the result of a consistent branding strategy and includes all the touch points your company uses to express your company values and image.

Brand identities encompass a variety of items that serve a unique purpose. These are some of the most important aspects of your brand identity:

  • Your logo – The most outward visual representation of your brand and company identity
  • Business materials – This includes letterheads, business presentations, business cards, and materials you share with corporate partners or clients
  • Non-visual communications – Items such as radio ads and similar audio communications, tactile displays, and other interactive materials
  • Messaging – The more direct ways you communicate with your audience, either directly or indirectly
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Wheeler separates logos into four categories:

  • Wordmarks are freestanding word or multi-letter abbreviation groupings comprising a logo, a.k.a. logotypes. Companies with wordmark logos include eBay, IBM, CNN, Google, Kleenex, Saks Fifth Avenue and, yes, the publication you’re reading right now, Entrepreneur.

  • Letterform logos are comprised of a single letter. Think Honda, Uber, Unilever, Beats and McDonald’s.

  • Pictorial logos are illustrated symbols of recognizable things. Starbucks, Twitter and Playboy all have pictorial logos.

  • Abstract logos don’t represent anything otherwise recognizable, like abstract art. Perhaps the most famous brand to successfully pull off an abstract logo is Nike.

Unfortunately, there is no one type of logo that works for everyone, Wheeler says. “Which fits you best depends a lot on your name and what you provide or make.”

For example, if you have a short company name like eBay, a word-mark logotype could work well. Word-marks and letter-form logos generally help consumers remember your name better than abstract logos. If you opt for an abstract symbol, however, be sure it’s straightforward and mirrors the personality of your brand.  

Your logo — from the color to the shape — should provide an immediate sense of what your company is all about.

“When people look at it, they should get a feel for your brand personality and your distinctive point of view,” Wheeler says. “They should know that you’re different from your competitors, you’re professional, a real business and you’re confident and successful in what you do.”

Amazon’s logo, represented by the company’s name, with an arrow below it pointing from the “a” to the “z,” is an example of a logo that embodies its namesake’s brand identity exceptionally well, according to Wheeler. “The arrow doubles as a smile that conveys friendly customer service and it connects the ‘a’ to the ‘z’ because Amazon offers everything A to Z. It’s all there.”